About the Server

This website is hosted in my apartment on a $5 Pogoplug Mobile running Debian (pictured below).
Certificates are fetched using Certbot and signed by Let's Encrypt.
I'm back to routing traffic through Cloudflare.
The guard monitors the health of the server (not really).

(Not so) FAQs

Q. Is that really your email address?
A. Yes, one of them. (I find it amusing.)

Q. Who actually visits this website?
A. Bots and crawlers (and now, you).

Q. May I DDoS your website?
A. Please don't...

Q. What's with the appearance of this website?
A. I'm clearly not a web designer. (Plus, I like the spartan look.)

Q. May I use your website as a template for mine?
A. Sure. (I would appreciate your adding a backlink to my website though.)

Q. Your games don't work...
A. Lunar lander and Prep kit require Java plugins. (Spotty on modern browsers.)

Q. I can't access one of your uploaded files.
A. I've restricted access to protect against scrapers. Contact me for access.

Q. I have goods and/or services to sell you.
A. Thanks, but I can't afford it.

Q. You look familiar...
A. Probably because you've seen me on Google Street View.

Q. Wait...you aren't the "Eric Cheng" I am looking for.
A. Perhaps, this is a case of mistaken identity?

Q. Anything else on your website I should check out?
A. I made a custom 404 page that probably never gets seen.

Q. I have some other question, comment, or complaint.
A. Ok - I suppose you should send me an email then.

Last modified: January 31, 2024